Long-Term Care

Working as a team of compassionate professionals, our staff formulates and updates personalized resident care plans, ensuring that each resident receives medical attention specific to physician orders while maximizing well-being and comfort.

The nursing staff has the primary responsibility for day-to-day care. They also educate and equip residents and family members with skills required for discharge.

The Director of Nursing (DON) sets the goals and standards for the department, helps direct the care provided by the nursing staff and also makes sure the skills of the nursing staff are kept up to date.

Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses (RNs/LPNs) provide a wide range of physician-prescribed treatment, such as open wound care, administration of medications, delivery of pain control, catheterization and so forth. They also perform basic personal care, assess the resident’s condition on an ongoing basis and keep medical records up-to-date.

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) provide the majority of the day-to-day personal care. Nursing assistants are required by law to have special training for their duties.

We believe that participating in daily activities is vital to the overall well-being of our residents. We are careful to provide something for everyone — and we are flexible in accommodating the requests of our residents for new activities. We provide a wide range of regular activities, with some of the more popular ones including arts and crafts, religious services, resident council meetings, community outings and much more.

In-House Physician Visits

Medical care under physician direction is a large and important part of our care services. Our Medical Director establishes sound medical policies and procedures for use by the nursing staff and independent physicians responsible for prescribing medical care. A physician provides direct care to residents and participates in care planning. Residents may elect to have our Medical Director serve as their physician, or thier existing physician may continue providing care in our community.

Rehabilitation Services

At Maison du Monde, we provide premier rehabilitation services including physical, speech and occupational therapy for our residents. These services are covered under Medicare Part A benefits. However, if a resident does not meet the qualifications for therapy under Medicare Part A, they may qualify for therapy services under alternate payment options, including Medicare Part B or private insurance. Contact our Admissions Coordinator to discuss your particular situation and find out how you can receive therapy services while residing in our community.

Utilizing the latest technologies and resources, our team of therapists customize a program designed to meet a resident’s long-term therapy goals in all disciplines of rehabilitation. In a state-of-the-art therapy gym, Maison du Monde houses cutting-edge equipment to assist residents in achieving the outcomes they desire. How can rehabilitation help?

Physical Therapy is a type of treatment prescribed when injury or illness makes daily tasks difficult or painful. Your physician may suggest Physical Therapy for a range of issues, including back pain, tendon or ligament problems, arthritis and other illnesses and injuries. Your treatment plan includes exercises along with personal goals.

Occupational Therapy helps individuals overcome illness, injury or psychological problems in order to live independent, productive and satisfying lives. Through work, self-care and recreational activities, Occupational Therapists help patients increase independent function and get back to daily activities.

Speech Therapy evaluates and remediates any speech, language, cognitive and swallowing difficulties (dysphagia). A Speech-Language Pathologist will develop a plan of care aimed at increasing the individual’s ability to communicate and help deal with any issues related to swallowing deficits, including tube feed weaning.

Looking for Short-Term Rehab-to-Home?

Visit our rehabilitation page or call (337) 892-2332 for more information and to schedule your tour today.

Getting Started

1. Contact Us

Visit or call the Admissions Coordinator at Maison du Monde Living Center to gather information and schedule a tour of our community.

2. Submit Medical Information

Make an appointment to see a Physician. Our Admissions Coordinator will fax required forms to the Physician’s Office for completion. (Completed forms are good for 30 days.) Physician (or current skilled nursing facility) will send this medical information to our nursing department for review to ensure we can meet your healthcare needs.

3. Discuss Payment Options

Our Admissions Coordinator will be in contact with you or your family to gather information regarding payment options. Our Admissions Coordinator will obtain proper approval from OAAS (Office of Aging and Adult Services) for you to receive skilled nursing care.

4. Provide Information

Upon admission, the following items will be requested:

  • Insurance cards
  • Power of attorney
  • Living will
  • Financial information such as bank statements

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