Short-Term Rehabilitation

If your goal is to return home quickly, Maison du Monde has just the solution for you!

Returning home immediately following hospitalization is not always the safest option.

Our experienced staff offers in-house physical, occupational and speech therapy for those with orthopedic, neurological and other diagnoses. In addition to physical strength, range of motion, balance and activities of daily living, our team of therapists will address cognitive, memory, social and emotional needs that derive from injury or illness.

Our rehab-to-home program offers you a comfortable, home-like environment while preparing you for discharge to home. You can dine in the comfort of your room, or for those looking for more entertainment, you are always encouraged to visit the main dining room.

Premier In-House Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a type of treatment prescribed when injury or illness makes daily tasks difficult or painful. Your physician may suggest Physical Therapy for a range of issues, including back pain, tendon or ligament problems, arthritis and other illnesses and injuries. Your treatment plan includes exercises along with personal goals.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps individuals overcome illness, injury or psychological problems in order to live independent, productive and satisfying lives. Through work, self-care and recreational activities, Occupational Therapists help patients increase independent function and get back to daily activities.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy evaluates and remediates any speech, language, cognitive and swallowing difficulties (dysphagia). A Speech-Language Pathologist will develop a plan of care aimed at increasing the individual’s ability to communicate and help deal with any issues related to swallowing deficits, including tube feed weaning.

How do residents qualify for Skilled Services for therapy?


Have Medicare Part A benefits


Have a qualifying 3-night hospital stay (for traditional Medicare plan)


Skilled services must be ordered by a physician


Be admitted into a skilled facility within 30 days of a hospital discharge with a diagnosis that requires skilled nursing services and/or skilled rehab services

If a resident does not meet the Medicare Part A criteria, then it is possible that Medicare Part B or private insurance would cover rehabilitation services in a skilled nursing facility. Contact Maison du Monde to discuss your individual benefit requirements.

Getting Started

1. Contact Us

Let your Case Manager at the hospital know that you are interested in Maison du Monde Living Center. The Case Manager will contact our Admissions Coordinator and forward your information for review. Our Admissions Coordinator will be in contact with you or your family to discuss our community, availability, approval process, and payment options. Your medical information will be reviewed by Maison du Monde Living Center’s Nursing Department to ensure we can meet your healthcare needs. Our Business Office will verify insurance coverage if applicable.

2. Visit with Us

A representative from our facility may visit you in the hospital. Our Admissions Coordinator will also schedule your tour of our community.

3. Plan Your Arrival

Upon approval for admission to our community, our Admissions Coordinator will contact you or your family and the hospital Case Manager to discuss discharge planning.

4. Utilize Our Transportation

Transportation will be provided by Maison du Monde Living Center.

5. Provide Information

Upon admission, the following items will be requested:

  • Insurance cards
  • Power of attorney
  • Living will
  • Financial information such as bank statements

Contact Us

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